Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


so its been kinda crazy around here lately. Sassafrass has really picked up with school being back in session and this dern cold is going to possibly kill mommy before baby gets rid of it!!! He has gotten where he eats every 4 hours or so which is a pleasant break from the 3 hr schedule we were on. other than that, all is well. Tony started school back on tuesday, and things are going great. we've got a friend taking baby pictures today of chip so i hope to have those done for you soon. for now, be appreciative of the snapshots i've got! :-) We did buy a video camera the other day so we'll always remember the little grunts, smiles, frowns, and fusses that he does and we're loving it! Miss you all and enjoy the pics.

Friday, August 22, 2008


This is Caroline, a sweet little friend of mine, holding Chip.
"I loooove my mommy!!!"

playing with my bug at Sassafrass

our first cold

Aww... so we've got our first cold and kept mommy and daddy up ALL night. I'm sure this is the first of many but bless him it breaks a moms heart! I can so see how easily babies are spoiled. If he wants me to hold him all day today, i think i just might! We've got a runny nose, kinda stopped up, goopy eyes and drainage down the back of his throat that gags him at night. Called the nurse line for the first time today just to make sure i didn't need to be worried. Anyway we're sorta getting ready for the 3 days of rain headed our way and will post again later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weekend pictures

over the weekend

So we had many an adventure over the weekend! It all began, actually on Wednesday, when what appears to have been lightning struck our AC unit. Can we just say that not only was I totally uncomfortable but i have a 6 week old!!! Thursday we got someone to come out and look at it, THursday night, Chip had his first night away from home as we stayed with mom and dad while on Friday morning, they came and replaced the entire unit!!! Whew, what a few days that was!

Then Friday night we drove to Mobile to see Tony's family. Doug, Nat and Brady were in from Colorado and we spent Friday LATE night and all day Saturday wiht the family. we had such a great time!!! Coming home Saturday night was just as easy as driving down, but for one exception. Chip slept the whole way, not a peep the entire time to Mobile. On our way home, he got hungry in Chipley, right as we got off the interstate so it was 11:30 at night and we pulled over in a Wachovia parking lot so i could nurse him. That was kinda an adventure and then we made it home, crashed, and actually got up for church the next mornign. Tony led worship Sunday @ 9:45 alive and did a great job, and of course, Chip slept through that too! That afternoon, tony and i took a 2 3/4 hour nap and enjoyed every second of it! Now we're somewhat back into a routine that seems normal for us and Ive got a cold... i would lean toward the cause being exhaustion, what do you think!?!? All is well, here, though, and pictures are coming next.

The last fun thing that has happened since we've posted is that he is smiling now in response to you in the mornings! He is super alert and totally engaged in the mornings and will give you a grin that just melts your heart! He is really growing and just developing faster than we were prepared for! Before i know it he will be sitting up, crawling, and even walking! I'm getting as much loving done on him as i possibly can because this sweet infant stage is going away as fast as it came and i'm not going to have him this little ever again!

Hope all is well and that you're able to access all the pictures. Tony asked if i knew who all was looking at this and i don't so if you could let us know you are checking this by leaving a comment, i'd appreciate it. We want to make sure all the people we love and appreciate are seeing it and if not, that we can let them know about it. Thanks a ton and we love you all!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

correction and pics

so when i was typing earlier chip started crying and i left out a VERY pertinent piece of information! i left out that when we think weve got this figured out we are QUICKLY reminded that we really dont! oanyway... i want to say that before you all tell me how tricked we are! hehe... enjoy the pics

life update

So life is pretty good. We THINK we've got this figured out. Pretty much we're getting 3-4 hours of sleep at night with an occasional 5 hour night. he is nursing really well and just growing like he should. He has started smiling more *involuntarily, mind you* and we're hoping to get an intentional smile sometime soon. We're going this weekend to Mobile to visit with the Sharp family. Doug and Natalie are coming down and that is going to be a blast. The store is starting to pick back up now that school is in and TOny is getting ready to go back to school, himself. He is really doing well with his annuity sales through the bank and is really enjoying that! Of course, more than anything, though, he is loving being a dad. I really look forward to Tony getting home at night because he is so willing to take Chip and to help out. It gives me a chance to be a wife on top of being a mom and to even take a shower! He plays with him and talks to him and sings to him often and just loves looking at him as do i! hope you are all well and will post more pictures in a little while. Chip is demanding attention right now. :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

this weekend

So this weekend the whole family (hornsbys) got together and spent the day together on saturday. What a blast!!! we took a picture as a family and of course howard and dana played with chip. Howard initiated holding him more than once and it just made my day! he was so funny when chip would get fussy, he would say "no cry, no cry, no cry" really fast and all we could do was laugh at him! we had a blast, ate well, and got some precious pictures!

more pics to come...