Saturday, May 8, 2010

the pictures i've promised :)

Eating my Frozen Yogurt!!!

trying new things

so lately, i have been trying to step out and experiment with some recipes for 'normal' toddler foods that can be Chip-Friendly if they're done right and so far, so good! I have found and altered an excellent cake recipe (2nd birthday, here we come!!!), some chocolate chip cookies that are my new favorite over anything i have EVER had, and today's experiment: Frozen yogurt - Chip Style! we'll see! i'll let you know as soon as i know! LOL :-) hope all is well!

Friday, May 7, 2010

We are BIGGER!!!

So we made a huge accomplishment yesterday! An accomplishment so big, that mommy, here, had a mini crying moment! After starting in November, weighing 16 pounds at 16 months, wearing 3-6 month clothes and having -0- words, yesterday, May 6, 2010, Chip Sharp graduated from Speech Therapy!!!!! I am so proud of him and so grateful to our speech therapist "Miss" Kelly for being what she was to us in these 6 months! Aren't you proud!!!!! I know I am!

On another note, last week, chip got to spend a few days with his GaGa while Tony and i were in Atlanta at a conference with our church. it was a great time for us all while we all found ourselves with some personal time to just be. OOH, and i did it.... if you know me well enough every 18 months or so i have to chop all my hair off and start something new and i've done it. I have gone for a short 'pixie' look. If you've seen the movie Twilight, it is similar to the haircut that 'Alice' has in the movie.

other than that, the world is still turning, Chip Sharp is still growing, and we are all doing fine. Hope that you are doing well and i'll talk again soon. hopefully with pictures next time! I've got to wake up Chip, now, though, and start getting ready for the day!