Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the battle is the Lords

Well, we arrived safely here in Alabama with little to no hassle. A mini-scare on the airplane that made me a little concerned that I wouldn't make it to Atlanta on time, but we did and all was well. We are here now, and trying to get our 'sea legs' about us. I unpacked our suitcases and put clothes in drawers, got toothbrushes out, got some play time in between all the summer showers (welcome back to the south!), and now Ii am fighting a small battle with Chip of obeying and following certain rules - but considering all the elements, he is doing GREAT. We will get there - it just might take some time.

Today, though, I experienced my first battle that will be one of many I'm sure. I feel like we had a mini victory and now we are moving on. We did find out a little more information about the upcoming time frame as well as were able to move an appointment without 'losing our place in line' for the DBS. Just like in David fighting his giant - Goliath - so we find ourselves fighting this giant of Dystonia and claiming as David did that "All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” Psalm 18:2 says, The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." PRAISE BE TO GOD!

We are all adjusting well and, though, I tell you what - it is HOT in Alabama, folks! I mean FOR REAL HOT! I can't help but laugh at myself thinking how miserably hot and humid it is. I have not lived in PA for even a year, and boy, 9 months makes a huge difference!

The family time being here is good. The laughter and joy that Chip has been able to bring my dad has been priceless. The laughs that we have shared over silly things or even laughing at some fun past stories has made this so bearable. My mom mentioned how she didn't realize how 'quiet' the house had become until we got here - and that is a good thing. Mom has gotten some much needed rest and taken quite a few naps since I've been here. We are even hoping that she will have the opportunity and feel the freedom to be able to go back to work next week.

I will be posting pictures soon and more information about Dystonia, but until then, keep praying and please spread information about Dystonia to all you know!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

heading to Sweet Home Alabama

Well, the time has come for Chip and I to make a journey to Alabama to help my parents fight the disorder of Dystonia until my dad can have his DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation surgery). This is earlier than expected and that is ok! We weren't planning on heading down until late May, but Gods ways are not our own. Isaiah 55:8-9 says, "'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the Lord. 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'" God's ways are higher and his plans are better! So we will go to Alabama with the Lord at the front of our mind!

There is a time in our life when we realize that we are a small part of His big plan, and where He wants us to go, and when He wants us to go will be made evident over time. Also, there are moments when you just know that being the hands and feet of Jesus is something that you are not going o understand or even like, but it will be an opportunity to put into someone else, what the Lord has put into you. This trip is not going to be a vacation, fun, or even always enjoyable, but I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to my parents. 

I am being given the opportunity to do something for someone - someone special! I am also seeing this as an opportunity to watch God do an incredible work! This will be an experience that I will choose to see through the eyes of Christ. Ministry is not always pleasant, pretty, or perfect, but we serve a God who is all of those things and more. He is a good God, gracious, all sufficient, and ever present God! 

Romans 12:2 says "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." This is going to be the scripture that I am going to pray and believe during this trip and this journey! God is going to do an amazing work and even through the miracle of modern medicine, LITERALLY renew my dads mind! And God has placed me in a position to be able to watch it happen - incredible!

NOW, "What can we do for you and/or Tony?" is the main question we have been asked! Prayer is going to be the best defense and gift you can give us. We do have a few specific things that we are asking for bold and direct prayers about:
1. Pray that God will be able to use me (Rebecca) in ways that even I can't imagine and that He will give me strengths that I never could anticipate or have on my own!
2. Pray that the adjustment for Chip will be smooth, easy, and clear. That we will all know how to give to him and love him in a way that he needs to feel secure, safe, comfortable, etc.
3. Pray for Tony that he will have a strength that is unwavering and that his relationship with the Lord will grow in the silent moments - as there will be lots! 
4. Pray for my dad to remain strong in his faith through this trial and begin praying NOW for the physicians and surgeons hands to be led by the Great Physician! We serve a big God who is capable and still performs miracles every day! 
5. Pray for my mom to remember to always refill herself so that she can continue to give to my dad in a way that only God will provide for her! 
6. And pray for my brother and his wife and my niece, Laynie, that the arrival of their new baby in the midst of this will be a time of joy and celebration that the Lord is bringing to my family! 

Beyond fervent prayer during this time and continual words of support, we don't know specifically what we 'need' yet. In reality, we have all we need - Jesus is enough! And Jesus in all of you, through your words, gestures, prayers, and encouragement will be enough through this time!

NOW - please educate yourself on Dystonia if you haven't already! This disorder is the number 3 neurological disorder in the nation and awareness and research is needed! If you would like to make a donation to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, please go to:
http://dystonia.donorshops.com/product/donation/donate.php and make a donation of any amount in honor of my dad - Tim Hornsby! Even just $5 makes a difference and will be honored and used by a great organization that has done so much for our family! Thank you all and look forward to my next post - from Sweet Home Alabama!!!!


Monday, April 8, 2013

dinosaurs need jammies, too!

isn't he beautiful?!?!
Well, so the time has come for me to take a breath, have a quiet moment, and put to words what has been happening in the life of Team Sharp over the last week. As of lately, the weather has warmed up, birds have begun to sing music to my ears, toys have been pulled out of the garage, we made a trip to NJ to see my cousin and aunt, and naps have been reintroduced to counteract the added activity! Lately, too, though, I have started counting down the days until I make a trip back to Alabama.

building a wooden train - FUN!!!

In the beginning of May, my dad will have the first appointment of many before he takes the big step of having Deep Brain Stimulation surgery - praying all goes well. I will be heading down there toward the end of May for an unknown length of time to help out. It is incredible at how God puts us in a position to be able to make trips such as this with such ease. Now, don't get me wrong in saying that it will be easy to leave, but all stressors that are involved on a trip like this - timing, work, finances, etc. - God has absolutely set 'just so' that I can leave and not take certain pieces of 'baggage' along with me. I am asked often how I feel about leaving for such a trip and I can't help but think that God is in such control that I can't help but look forward to what He has to teach me, show me, prove to me, and do for me in this tough time.
my at the concentration!

God will grow my marriage through the distance if I allow him too! God will strengthen my parents in the weakest moments of their lives if they allow him too! God will show me that timing IS everything if I open my eyes to see it! And, God will prove to me that He is the great physician if I surrender the physicians and surgeons to His power!

L to R: Day, Chip, Aunt Lisa, Tony, Me
(at the Mall in NJ before we all parted ways)
For now, though, I am still living my life to the fullest in Pennsylvania knowing that we are only promised today and this exact moment! The other day, Chip asked me if I thought that it was ok if he could sleep with his new dinosaur ("Smash"). After I chuckled at the thought, I said "Sure! I think that is a great idea!" and we headed upstairs to put on his pajamas. About that moment, the wheels in his little brain began to turn and he looked at me and said, "Mom, Smash needs jammies, too!" Well, like any good mom, I agreed that, yes, Smash needed jammies, too, and went across the hall into my office, found an old tshirt that I could cut the sleeve off of, did so, and then cut 'leg holes' in the sleeve along with a hole for his tail! What a proud moment as Chip reveled in the reality that Smash, too, had jammies and they were going to get to sleep together! Over the next few days, all of the 'important' toys got jammies, too, and I then realized that in an instant, and with just a little bit of effort, a boy can find joy in just about anything!

silly boys!!!
Chip has a sense about him that doesn't see race, religion, sexuality, political party, denomination, or anything else that we adults draw lines in the sand about. He sees a toy as a friend, a tree in the back yard as a hiding spot, an old rope out of the garage as a fishing line, a Red Flyer wagon as a train, and he sees his dinosaurs as his friends! These moments won't last long and his innocence won't be this pure forever and so until then, I have decided that even Dinosaurs need jammies, too, and I am happy to make jammies for them all!

L to R: Smash (with jammies), Bo (with jammies), Tower (with jammies)
and Chip (in jammies) 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

the boys! nothing like a daddy and son!
What a day. I am trying to finish up sewing a jacket and have hit a roadblock, and so I am digressing to blog until I can skype my mom and get her to help me!

This was our first Easter in Pennsylvania and at Faith Church, and we couldn't have asked for a better day! We were in a place that was full of people hearing the gospel of Jesus, those who know Him and don't, worshiping Him and His resurrection and conquering of the grave, and we were able to have lunch with some very special people afterwards. After lunch, we came home, napped, played, and just spent time as a family.
Chip gets one gift on Easter to
represent the gift of eternal
life. This year it was "Smash"
the dinosaur, and a HUGE hit!!!

Easter as a whole is something that we should remember each day of our life! It is a gift, just as much as Christmas! Easter is what sets us apart! We don't just worship a god (little 'g') but we worship the God who conquered death! He punched death in the face, snatched the keys to hell from Satan, and made it so we, too, could experience eternal life with Him! We should not only celebrate Easter in the spring, but in the winter, fall, and summer, too! Each day of our life should be celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! He conquered death and the grave so that the end of our life wouldn't be succumbed to just death and a grave, but more than that - eternal life with Him in Heaven!
Mommy and son - pure love!

Celebrate that with me! Enjoy for a moment, the reality of if we believe with our hearts that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, ask Him to be the Lord of our life, and live each day in the belief of those things, our life doesn't stop at death and the grave, but we will eternally live with Him in Heaven!

Today is Easter, as is tomorrow, and the next day! Remember that!!!

Happy Easter from the Sharp Family in Pennsylvania!!!