Saturday, October 31, 2009

newest allergy update

On Wednesday, as i said, we went BACK to the pediatricians office to touch base and see what the next step was for us in this whole process of finding out answers. We were referred to a pediatric allergist/immunologist in Birmingham and will be going on Wed, Nov 11 at 2:30 p.m. We are really thrilled with the idea of getting an answer and finding out hoepfully a certain diagnosis. Until then, we will be dressing up this evening in our halloween outfits, and having a good, safe time! Will post again soon with pics from tonight!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

allergy update

So i have had lots of people wanting to know how the allergy follow-up went and i really have been avoiding it but i need to post because you all do care and love Chip as we do and want to know.

Monday, we went back to the allergist to get the results of our allergy testing by blood that we had drawn 3 weeks ago and the results shocked everyone including the doctor and nurse practicioner. We were fully planning on having results coming back that he would be allergic to quite a few items of food and trickling down into reactions to some environmental items. However, the test results actually came back startlingly different. the ONLY thing it showed him allergic to (in the IgE test which is a histamine reaction test) was egg. Mind you the egg is a true deadly allergy. his control 'normal' reaction number was 71 and his reaction to the egg was 6,993 so this is CERTAINLY something to be cautiously andd respectfully fearful of in his system.

the confusing thing and the thing that the doctor and np could not explain was that his histamine reaction to the other things that we KNOW FOR SURE create a terrible skin reaction came back normal. this being the case, we have an appointment at 1:15 today with our pediatrician to re-evaluate our position on all of this and begin running more tests to determine what, in fact, is creating this reaction to certain things.

ALSO, all of this to say, we are at 16 monts and have 0 words. we will be pursuing a speech therapist for some early intervention therapy to try and get his speech kick started. is it related to this other stuff we've got going on? possibly, but we hope for answers this afternoon or at least a step in a right direction.

FINALLY Laynies 1st Bday pics

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OK, so still no pictures... it is late but I'm giving a quick update about us here in Dothan since I've not posted my pics. We went BACK to the doctor again today to be told that the croup was seeming to get better but it appeared to be heading toward bronchitis. The doctor said that he 'heard some movement in his chest but nothing seemed to be obstructing his breathing.' We are now coughing so hard that we are on the verge of vomiting and I'm just praying that the end of the week results will come BEFORE the end of the week. We are now on a cough medicine, antibiotic, steroid and pedialite *thanks to all of the meds giving us a TERRIBLE tummy*. The pedialite is really bothering our allergies so we're battling that, all, too. Boy the end of this chapter in our lives can't end fast enough!!!

We do go back to the doctor in enterprise on Monday and get our allergy test results. so keep us in your prayers about that!

Hopefully healing and pictures here in Dothan will come sooner than later. For now, good night and sleep well!

Monday, October 19, 2009

croup has hit dothan

so pictures havent been posted yet based on the fact that we are SUPER sick here in Dothan. We have got the Croup and are barking up a storm. Hopefully will get pics uploaded during a nap sometime this afternoon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Laynie's 1st Birthday

So this past weekend was so much fun! We went to Brandon, MS to celebrate Bug's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness i cannot believe both she and chip are 1! Chip and i came back with pretty bad colds *you know..... going from 84 degrees to 58 degrees and then back to 84 degrees in 4 days will KILL YOU!!!!!!!* but other than that we are great! We had the best time and got some good time in with Howard and Dana. Chip and Laynie really got to have fun together and even though we had a few meltdowns over cups and toys, we all survived! I will post pictures in a few days when i get them all uploaded. Until then i can't wait to show you pictures of what we are going to do for Chip for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the cutest idea EVER

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

doctor's visit today

Ok, so today was one of the LONGEST days i've had in a while when it comes to Chip! We had an 11:30 apt with an allergist in Enterprise and i got there at 11:00 to fill out paperwork. Well, we waited and waited, and Chip was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! When we finally got the doctor in the office (after speaking with nurses and a Nurse Practicioner) i was so pleased with his plan of action! He is re-testing him for food allergies and also testing for enviornmental and insect allergies. The NEGATIVE part is........... this was a blood test. DOH!!!

Well, after we got some allergy medicine from the doctor (yes, MEDICINE!!! what a NOVEL idea!) we went across the street to the hospital lab where the worst thing i have had to endure as a mommy was about to take place. Not only did they have to get some blood, but they had to draw a LOT of blood and bless his heart, his veins rolled, he kept moving and it took about 2 1/2 minutes for them to get a vein! I told them that i needed a break (i was sobbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and as they were pulling out the butterfly needle, they got the vein so we all froze! I squeezed Chip tighter to keep him from moving more, they held his arm tighter, but we got it! WHEW!!!

Chip got lots of yogurt bites for being so brave and such a GREAT patient and mommy got a butterfly sticker! :-)

We go back in about 3 weeks to find out results and to decide a plan of action from there but i am so pleased and satisfied with whose hands we are in! Thank the Lord for giving people wisdom and knowledge to be able to help my baby!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


ok, so much for loading pictures a few weeks ago. So here they are plus the ones from Mississippi last weekend.
yumm-o! Lunch time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm... which toy to play with next

*this is my favorite picture... black and white and a frame for sure*

so far, so good... playing nice up until now

Laynie chasing him... and him beating her to the toy! lol

what? We're not doing ANYTHING wrong!

reading a book with Bug and Aunt D

Papa and his babies

Tony and I at a wedding reception last weekend

My new car that Gaga bought me

MY ball!!!

i LOVE to play outsisde


ohhh... daddy's guitar. Can i play?