Sunday, July 26, 2009

our one year check-up

So I didn't know if in fact we would be getting our shots for our one year visit due to a runny nose but for sure we got ALL FOUR!!! We weighed in at 17 lbs 6 oz and measured a WHOPPING 27 1/4 inches long!!! YAY FOR GROWING!!! The doctor said that everything looked great and that he was growing right on track so we are very pleased! We do still have a gross little nose and a hacky cough but we think that it is just due to some fruit he got his hands on that had something in it he is allergic to. This is our future, for a little while, i guess. So anywya, all is great and healthy and we're just as busy as ever!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

just a swingin'!

Weekend update

Well, we've finally made it to the weekend and we were able to pull our video camera back out and start filming fun things again. We were able to get all of his new 'tricks' on camera which was tons of fun plus him just playing and having a good time. His new 'tricks' range from clapping 'Yay!' to shaking his head 'no'. He is really working hard at trying to stand up on his own (he can for sure do it in the pool just in the house is a little tougher). He loves to make noise by moving his hand over his mouth while squealing and he for sure tries his hardest to wink but all we get are both eyes blinking quite firmly. He still loves to eat and our new favorite thing to do is to go out back and swing in our swing and play in the pool. A video of him swinging is to come and pictures from the weekend below.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cake pics

ok, so i know everyone has been asking for the cake pictures but come to find out, all the smash pictures got taken on every camera BUT mine! AUGHHH. so now i'm having to 'round 'em up. I'll be posting them soon. for now, though, we did spend some time sunday in our birthday pool for the first time! Chip thought it was the coolest thing and played for 2 hours! Beyond that, he went to sleep at 6:45 that night and slept 'til 7:30 the next morning! Looks like much more pool time is in our future! LOL

Monday, July 6, 2009

birthday party fun!

Hello to all! So today is the official big day but Saturday was just an absolute blast! Today Chip is officially a whole year old! Saturday, we found ourselves surrounded by friends and family with lots of laughter and a great meal! Chip really was into his cake and thought that it was just yummy! He feasted and became covered with it and then we realized he was itching all over due to it! We took him out of his high chair and went straight to the tub with him and bathed him off. He did, in fact, have hives and was broken out because of it but we quickly gave him some benadryl and put his cream/lotion on him and by Sunday morning, it was practically gone. It is amazing at how fast his skin revolted against it! For sure we won't be giving him cake or cookies anytime soon! Tony and I gave him a swing and a baby pool for his birthday which he thoroughly enjoys! He got some other great things including lots of noise making toys (THANKS HOWARD AND GAGA!!!). We are trying to recover today and the next few days we will get some pics up showing all the fun. Hope all is well and thanks to those who came and made his day even more special.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sorry i've been slacking!

So i'm trying to do better but lately it has been NUTS-O around here! We are getting ready for our first birthday and things are a little busy. Gaga is here with us as we're preparing to have a party and cleaning and all that goes along with having a party and otehr than that things are as they were Thursday! His rash is practically gone and now we're weaning off of the breast milk and onto cows milk................ ask me later how i feel about that! Having diaper issues and pooping issues with it all but the end result of the removal of food from his diet has been great! Please feel free to drop by between 2 and 4 on Saturday, July 4th for a big ol' birthday bash. Cake, ice cream, burgers, ribs and all the fixings with HOMEMADE ice cream is going to be on the menu! Hope to see you all soon!!! xoxo The Sharps