Sunday, January 10, 2010

our first shiner

ooooh, the day has finally arrived! We were @ mom and dad's today after church, eatin chili and enjoyin some Wii when, the inevitable occurred. Chip was playing with dad, running and 'attacking' him, when he ran into him when dad wasn't expecting it, hit him hard, bumped belly to belly and then, we all looked over to see his face bouncing off the hearth of their fireplace. Yes, i am the mother that is supposed to put the quilt over the bricks, but yes, i am also the mom that said 'ahh, don't worry about it, he's been GREAT about it so far!"..... we see where that got me. So we have ended up with our first shiner and it's a good one. The perfectly straight purple line that is gracefully placed perfectly along his cheek bone screams "brick"! Well, we picked him up, kissed on him, put ice on it as long as he would stand for it, and then of course, he went right back to playing and rough housing while mom (Hoppie) found herself devastated at the thought that it was her house and it was on her time with him. it didn't matter that he is a toddler, and it was bound to happen, but i bet i could guarantee you that no matter my opinion from now on, there will be quilts or the equivalent on the hearth from now on. Picture hopefully to come tomorrow of it, but just know that we are so thankful that all it is is a little purple line with a tee-tiny break in the skin vs. a busted face with stitches. Our fate could have been much worse! :-) oh the joys of parenting a toddler!!! :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010