Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wow! 3 in a row

well, so we have been doing great this past week. Last week we started our allergy shots and he did great with them.... as good as can be expected, at least. He got one in each arm and was very brave. today he went back and decided he was going to have a moment about it, but like tony said, "he will have to learn how to deal!" We all know that this is best for him and will not stop now!

Tony finished up his classes this summer and finished with As in both Accounting I and II and has a few weeks off before fall classes start. He will be taking intermediate Accounting, Finance and Management ( i think). He is doing so great and i am super duper uper schmooper proud of him for it! Work is going ok. So far, monday proved to be a tough day, just one of 'those' days, but i'm "More than a conqueror in Christ!"

some fun things that chip does and says now - for those interested in a great laugh:
1. "can i eat the lick?" - translation: "Can i lick the spoon?"
2. *knocking on the door in the morning* "it's me, Chip!!!" - translation: "GET UP!!!!!"
3. he loves to watch "Beggie Tales" (aka Veggie Tales)
4. he got a guitar for his birthday and he and daddy like to sing and make up silly songs, the latest of which "in the barn" is sung OVER AND OVER to the tune of Old McDonald LOL
5. Thomas the Train is still at the top of our list of favorite things in life
6. we put a sheet over our train table at night to tell them good night and in the morning, we take the sheet off and with EXCSTATIC enthusiasm, we say " *GASP* Good Morning, Everyone!!!!!!" right after i open the door as he is telling me that "it's me, chip"
7. Soy Butter/Jelly "toast" aka sandwich, is our FAVORITE thing to eat
8. we have almost conquered potty training during the day (nap time and bed time, not included)
9. he officially has the 'coolest' Thomas the Train, big boy room, with Thomas the Train sheets on our bed and great red and blue curtains in our room
10. he is "free years old!" to those that ask - translation: "i am three years old"

i think that is it for fun stuff and not much else to report on. next week is likely going to be picture updates! Hope all is well with you and will post again next week!

Monday, July 18, 2011

yay! so far so good

ok, so far this makes 2 weeks in a row that i've posted! YAY ME :-) lol.... ok, now to the important things! our life:

So last week was filled with allergy testing for Chip. We had 2 days worth of testing because of his size. So Tuesday proved to be a particularly tough day as he was tested for 32 things. The tests proved to be really informative, actually, as he is essentially allergic to every tree known to man, dogs, and the 'inside' mold. At this point, with the extreme allergy to the trees and dogs, we chose to go ahead and proceed with the other 20 tests that his back wasn't large enough to test for. We went back on Thursday to do these and it stayed right on track with what we expected which was more trees. Even the trees that aren't here in Alabama, like Maple, were off the charts. Due to the results, we chose, excitedly and gratefully, to begin a 5 1/2 year regimen of allergy shots. We start those, actually, this week, and the schedule will be every week for 36 weeks, then every other week for the next 5 years. We are hopeful and believe that the Lord will bless and cut this cute toddler some slack from the allergies that have proven to be so tough to deal with for 3 years. Will let you know how this goes throughout....

this is Tony's last week of class for the summer. after Wednesday, he will have had taken Accounting 1 & 2 in 8 weeks (4 wks for Acct1 and 4 weeks for Acct2)! We are excited that he has done so well and he loves it so far. he has had a great professor that he has really been able to learn a lot from and pending his final on Wednesday, will have made and A in both classes! YAY TONY!!!!!

Work is great. Had a closing last week, and have about 3 in underwriting right now that are looking to close in the next 3-4 weeks. The market seems to be looking up and getting busier and busier.

I guess this is it for my quick update this week. i hope that this finds you all doing great and loving life!


Monday, July 11, 2011

mid-year's resolution

OK, so i have been personally convicted at how terrible i have become at this. i have to understand and appreciate that not everyone has Facebook and that this is a great way to journal for chip to have when he gets older. so i have auto scheduled @ 8:30 every morning that i am to journal for 10 minutes :-) we'll try and see how the reminder works with this task!

I'll go from the 'older news' to the newer news. We have had a medical scare recently with him that lasted a whopping 3 hours but i was convinced that it was an entire week. When you are potentially looking at emergency surgery for your baby, time stands still and the fear is unexplainable! LOOONG story short, and to spare you the gory details, he was diagnosed with torsed testicular appendix, which is a mile-long diagnosis for the fact that the appendage that would have become the fallopian tube had he been female (that serves no purpose) became twisted, bruised, swollen, etc. Created an immense amount of pain for him and a scare for us all. Praise the LORD, the whole process from beginning of walking into the pediatrician's office to walking out of a urologists office with a diagnosis was a total of 3 hours. i was super grateful at the response of everyone involved as it could have been much worse!

we have recently begun potty training and are actually having great amounts of success with it! We still don't make it through every night with a dry diaper but 50% of naps and night times end in a successfully dry diaper!

His allergies are still at a standstill, actually. we go tomorrow to be tested for more environmental allergens and depending on results will begin allergy shots soon. We continually pray for healing from this but know and understand that the Lord has blessed us in so many ways regarding this situation! He sure is a healthy little boy with lots of energy and a beautiful smile and we are well beyond blessed.

He just turned THREE YEARS OLD........ can you believe it!?!? I can't believe that three years ago we were talking about how he had entered our lives and captured our hearts! We had a fun party on Saturday the 2nd that was full of nothing other than Thomas the Train! That has been our obsession for about a year now! Dana decorated a perfectly fitting Cake with Thomas the Train coming out of a tunnel and it was delicious! There was a slip-n-slide, pool, sprinkler and water guns and beautiful weather! Fun was had by all and it was a great day!

We have just recently changed churches to where the Lord was calling us. He has been working on our hearts to step out and change lives for about 5 months and when we finally said 'yes, Lord' the call came the next morning by Heather Peacock coming into our office asking if we would join her ministry at Midland City UMC. She had a heart for the people there and believed that the Lord had laid us on her heart to ask to join her. how could we say no!?!? Anyway, last night we kicked off a 5-week long event of Block Parties, inviting all of Midland City to come and hang out with us each Sunday for 5 weeks. We were well beyond blessed and pleased at the response we had a total of about 50-60 people there with 12-15 of those being from the city. Praise the Lord and we look forward to the other 4 weeks!!!

i think this is it for now and I'll be back Monday! :-)