Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i'm going to try to post pictures tonight while i'm cleaning but no promises. I did want to update that the soccer ball obsession has curbed slightly. It is still a favorite but it is no longer a 'freak out' obsession.

Also, last night, we had our first bloody lip. I'll be honest, i couldn't help but chuckle a little when it happened. He was reaching as far as he could to reach into a basket that was sitting on the coffee table, where usually he just tips over the basket. Last night, though, he chose to not turn it over but to just stand on his 'tippy toes' and reach in. WELL.... of course you know what's coming..... the tippy toes aren't the best of balance yet and he lost his balance, bounced off the edge of the coffee table and popped his lip. Yes, there was blood but not much, however, enough to certainly say we had our first bloody lip. We cried as if the world was over and held our breath for a moment, needed our poppie (pacifier), and then the world settled back in to some kind of normalcy. After we settled down, what did we do?!?! We went right back over to the basket and FINALLY were able to get the thing he wanted in the first place, sat down right there, and played away while the world kept turning! hehehehehe

Monday, September 21, 2009

ok, so things are going pretty well around here. The new thing happening lately is an IMMENSELY insane obsession with a soccer ball. We have majore meltdowns if someone even ATTEMPTS to touch this thing! Video of it will be coming soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

updated pics


I love playing peek-a-boo in my tent!

Mommy andd daddy

YAY!!! I'm in the Pool!!!

hee hee... arent i cute!?

My favorite! Mom is 'vrooming' me around the pool!

Me and mom... hangin in the pool.
Dad told me to say "whatsup"

Do my feet really have to touch THAT STUFF!?!?!?

These Jammies have an AU on the shoulder, too bad you can't see it! They're GREAT!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

14 Months!

So oh my goodness, my baby is 14 months old!!! Can you believe it!?!? It is as if it was just yesterday that he was born and now he is walking and being inquisitive (i call it nosy!!!), jabbering and pitching fits. I cannot believe it! Things around here have been immensely busy so i will post pictures probably tomorrow but i hope that this finds you all doing well.

Do keep mom in your prayers. She had her rotator cuff operated on Thursday and so i've spent a lot of time over there lately trying to help out. Don't kick me off your favorites because i've not posted lately but pics coming tomorrow, if all goes as planned! Have a good evening and i'll post tomorrow.