Monday, June 23, 2014

9 months and counting

Well, the countdown is truly beginning at the Sharp house for the arrival of Tinky Tiny! Friday, June 20th marked the 'true' 9 month mark. Nesting has somewhat set in, though there seems to be not much to do, and we are all becoming very excited for the baby to be here. Chip will be 6 in just a short 13 days and the new focus right now is on his birthday party! He hasn't had a birthday party in a couple of years and he is super excited to be having a Lego party. This will still be a fairly low key party -for OBVIOUS reasons- but a party for him none the less. He has helped pick out all the fun things, goodie bags, favors, cake, cookies, snacks, etc. and is now just looking forward to it and counting down the days til the party is here! Plans and arrangements are being made for where he will go/who will come here when we have the baby, family arrival, etc. and things are just truly counting down.

We were recently abundantly blessed by a shower at the church which left us needing and wanting nothing for our sweet arrival. We are again reminded how much we are loved here in PA, how much we, ourselves, love being here in PA and how we would want no other place to have and welcome this sweet baby to. We can't wait to introduce you all soon, to our new arrival, and so until that day, I will sign off...... to be back with a new baby soon!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

the room is done and the countdown begins

Well, we finally finished TinkyTiny's room this past Friday and have begun the 'true' countdown. Starting tomorrow, I will be 34 weeks pregnant and am beginning to feel it! We are so pleased with the way the room has turned out and are getting very excited. Sweet baby gifts are already starting to trickle in and we are finding places for them each as they come in. We can't believe that in just a few short weeks our family will grow by a whole other person....... wow!

Thanks to pinterest the stripe above the changing table/dresser is pegboard (so smart, right!?!?) and the dresser was a purchase off craigslist for $35 that we painted white. The shelf above the pegboard was a craigslist purchase for $20 and the couch was, also, a craigslist purchase for $40. The best part is that the couch is a pull out so we haven't totally lost our guest room abilities :) so come visit!

the bedding/curtains were our bedding from when Chip was a baby and the crib and rocking chair are both heirlooms. I'm sure i'll have more to update later but for now, here is where we are as of now!