Thursday, June 25, 2009

allergy update

So on Monday we went for allergy testing and the results came back that he was in fact allergic to some things but the things that he was allergic to are not things we can't live without. The scariest allergy is his allergy to eggs. The eggs are the 'dangerous' allergy and there are other mild allergies that he has. Those are shrimp, soy, corn, rice and peanuts. These are tough things to get around as babies eat rice cereal practically every morning for breakfast but it looks as though oatmeal is calling our name for a WHILE!!! In a month or so we will begin re-introducing the 'mild allergens' slowly and one at a time while still avoiding eggs for sure. No scrambled eggs for breakfast on his first birthday....... guess we'll have oatmeal instead! ;-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

just a few pics

me and daddy snoozing during the Jungle Book

look at my hiney hanging out!!!

We've learned how to wave!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

almost father's day!

Well, tomorrow is Tony's first father's day and what a change of our lives and change of pace from 3 1/2 years ago to now! Today our focus is around "has he pooped today?", "what did he have for lunch?", and "Are you going to bathe him or do you want me to?" where as then it was around, "where are we eating dinner tonight?", "Do you want to go to the late movie?", and "Let's go on a road trip!". What a sweet blessing though in our lives to have a little guy as cute and as friendly to bring a joy into our lives that we otherwise would have never known. Yes, it becomes a little hairy during times such as this that lots of questions are in the air about his health and when he is trying your patience by the contsant clinginess he has when he is teething but in the end, the sweet smile and gummy wet kiss that you get and the giggle he lets out when you're tickling him or playing peek-a-boo with him makes these days unique and priceless in their own!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick TX update

So real fast (i'll post pics in the next few days) about texas: It was hot, busy, and great to see all the family. We spent most of the day on Friday at Schlitterbaun (SP?) the water park. The kids had a great time. Then saturday was spent with the guys playing golf that morning (Tony's team won!!!) while the mommys lounged around, then lunch and hanging around the pool that afternoon. That evening was a dinner followed by a slideshow and video about the Hobbs family history with lots of stories and great pictures. Thursday and Sunday were our travel days. Praise the Lord, Chip flew great! The plane didnt' bother his ears AT ALL and he napped and made friends with the people on the flight. Not saying that the next flight trip we will have will be this good but i couldn't have asked for a first flight with a baby to have been any better! I don't have many pics but the ones i do have, i'll put up in a few days.

Chip is going on Monday to get tested for food allergies. We are having a terrible time with it! Hives, extreme eczema and swollen eyes for 3 weeks needs to end for sure and hopefully and prayerfully, monday will bring some answers so keep us in your prayers for sure!

Monday, June 8, 2009

prayer for Chip

So i havent blogged in a while but i wanted to post real fast before i got wrapped up in preparing for TX. We leave from ATL at 1:30 cst and land in SAT at 4:00 cst. So far the baby is doing better. Fever has finally gone away but he still has a funky rash and we went outside for a total of 25 minutes at the max and his left eye puffed up and looked like i pure punched him in the eye. Lord, please heal my baby and allow the allergy thing to be pushed aside by your healing hand!

Friday, June 5, 2009

fever update

Soooo... at 6:45 the fever was at 97.7 and now, at 8:30 its at 100.0

Thursday, June 4, 2009

and the drama continues...

Soooo... i thought today was going to be the turnaround for us and all this mess but NOOOO! This afternoon he spiked a 102.8 fever! We made the THIRD trip in a week to the doctor to only be told that it seems like a virus and to go home and deal with it for 3-5 days. I was not pleased to say the least. SO, now we've been on Motrin all day and now at bedtime, the temperature is 103.2! This is going to be a long night waking up every 3 hours and giving this baby medicine. Pray for us here in dothan! Mommy is almost at her wits end. We've got plane tickets for San Antonio on Thursday so we're going to see what comes of this over the weekend... boy with that be NOT pretty if we have to cancel this trip! I'll be disowned for sure!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So here are the pictures of Chip in 'jail' and then a few of his skin. Bless his little baby heart, it itches and is just miserable! ***Check out the picture of the meltdown***

something else

so i forgot to tell yall that Laynie and Chip cut the EXACT SAME TOOTH while we were in Mississippi... boy was that a room full of grumpy babies!

Monday, June 1, 2009

these babies.... goodness

i for sure loved being in Mississippi but i sure am glad to be home! Especially with what we woke up with this morning..... grrrrrrr... the things no one tells you when you get pregnant! SOOO, what is it, you might ask, well, we've struggled with eczema since Chip was born but now we've got a bacterial infection IN HIS SKIN!!! GROSS... so we're on an antibiotic and a guh-ross ointment three times a day and are stuck in 'jail' on a sheet, inside for the next week AT LEAST.
Well, to top all that off, Dana took Laynie to the doctor this morning, too. The jury is still out as to what she's got but these babies are just a mess!
For those who are keeping up, Laynie weighed in at 18 lbs and 15 oz and Chip weighed in at 16 lbs and 10 oz. They are both growing up faster than we can count! Hope all is well and will post a picture of chip in "Jail" later on.