Saturday, August 31, 2013

it's been two months!

Wow - I was doing so great at blogging and then things in Alabama got busy and I just didn't sit down to do it. Since Chip's Birthday, so much has happened. He and Tony came back to PA on July 6, Dad had multiple doctors appointments with great results and conversations being had with doctors about his Dystonia, I made a trip to Chicago to speak at a conference for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation as well as to grow and learn more, and I have returned back to PA, myself, and couldn't be happier to be back home.

People continually are saying to me, "Gosh, so how was it?" and really the only way i know to describe it was that it was a Horribly Amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. Yes, it was awful to be away from home and my family for so long, I missed all the fun summer events with our new friends, and to be frank, i was gone for FOUR MONTHS - DUH, it was tough! But on the flip side, what an experience...

I was able to experience strength and love that I have never seen poured out. I have seen people treated the way they should never be treated and have, in turn, learned how to treat people, and I had to rely on a faith that I did not even know existed within my soul and Christian Walk. I have walked away from this experience with a care and concern for caregivers that you can only have if you have walked in those shoes, with a respect and regard for military and hard-working families that are away from their families for extended length of times, and I learned about strength and willpower to do the impossible against all odds that will stick with me forever.

In situations such as these, returning home and learning to 'be a family' again, learning to function among groups of people, readjusting to the fact that you don't always have to be "on" even at night, and so many other little nuances that you don't even realize you have adjusted to is tough to figure out and do. This is one of those instances and situations that are completely unable to be explained, and tough to do. Time, now, is going to be on my side to get re-settled in and to figure things out again, but the Lord is faithful.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord had me go to Alabama for the summer. It was a trip that I would have never done on my own had i known all it would have entailed, but isn't that how it is with the Lord? He only equips us to say 'yes' to go upfront because if we saw the whole pictures, we wouldn't do it...... in any and every thing.

So through all of this, i have learned to be a miracle to someone each day. And remember, Miracles come in packages that are as small as a smile or kind word. Be a miracle, because you, in fact, are a miracle from God! Share that with others with your actions!!