Sunday, October 27, 2013

wow..... are you smarter than a Kindergartner!?!?

I continue to be amazed by Chip in school. Kids this age are totally into learning. If it is a game, interesting in the least bit, or makes them feel "Big", they are usually into it. This is what i have found, at least, with Chip! We continue to forge on in the world of homeschooling him and i absolutely wouldn't trade it for the world right now! He is reading on a level that I never in my wildest dreams would have envisioned for him at this age, and wants nothing to do but learn more, read better, and read bigger books - so that is what we do! We are also doing a study this semester on birds. He has learned most of the basic 'facts' about birds and now has had the opportunity to pick out one bird for the rest of the semester to just fill his little brain about. He has chosen Penguins - i know, right!?!? What a great bird to learn about! He has learned his continents and is in the process of trying to wrap his little 5-year old brain around the fact that we live on this big glob of round-ish stuff called Earth, that has all these pieces of land on it that he knows the names of, but that is such a big concept, we continue to work on that and he is totally mesmerized by it all! He is doing amazing at math, loving and breezing right through that and he loves nothing more than his literature/history stories he is hearing. You know you have a boy right where you want him when he is learning about Alexander the Great and loving it at 5 years old.

As you can imagine, homeschool takes up so much of my time, but I have been so blessed to be able to stay busy with my design work, as well. The holidays are fast approaching, no matter how much we try to drag it out and deny it, but the orders are coming in and I am behind but will be catching up on those this week. Also, the Saturday night service at our church has been an amazing success at reaching others who might not be able to attend otherwise, and it is requiring all hands be on deck at all times for it. We just wrapped up soccer season for Chip, I am traveling to NYC this weekend to go cheer on a Dystance4Dystonia team in the NY Marathon, and lots of other things are happening, too, but all in all we are doing well. We are still purely in love with PA life and just can't imagine ourselves anywhere else in the world right now. Pictures from our latest fun things with homeschool will have to come later as i have a load of laundry that is calling my name, dishes that need to be washed and work that needs to be done. Be blessed and carry on doing the work that the Lord has called you to do, wherever you may be!