Thursday, October 23, 2008

what a past few weeks!!

So i've been moving my store and rearranging my entire home due to all of it! it has just been nuts lately! Howard and Dana have had their baby, Elayne Klareese Hornsby "Laynie" and she is beautiful. so we've been buys focusing on them too lately. We hope that all is well with you all. CHips is doing fabulous! Last night was his first night eating cereal and what an experience that was! He got more on his face and bib than in his tummy but we are just learning how to eat so it was a success since he didn't scream his head off! Lol... perspective these days! Anyway, so he has laughed just a few times but we got the first time on the video camera. that was tons of fun. i have a million pictures that i need to post but for now i've not got much time but i wanted to update everyone and let you all know that we're all still alive and all but just really busy and crazy. We are having Chip baptized on the 30th of November for all the family and friends that reads this! Please know you are all invited and we'd love to have you all! we'll post pictures later but for now much love and laughter to you all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our first big scare

So last night was a great night... Chip was happy, all was good. He and I got in the big bath together and decided we should do it more often! He smiled and kicked around, splashed and just loved it! Tony got home and got in with us and it was just a ton of fun! We started to get a little cool so we went ahead and bathed Chip and then rinsed him all off and as i was getting out, i looked at Chip and he was just maroon in color all over and his eyes were all bugged out and he was what appeared to be holding his breath. I reached and snatched him out of Tony's lap and started beating him on the back to make him cough or just breath. Well then bubbles started coming out of his nose and mouth and at that, Tony flew out of the tub to go get a bubble syringe and suck his throat out. His lips and mouth were all blue-ish purple and then he finally coughed and mucus just flowed out of his mouth. I kept popping him on the back and then he coughed a good time, and started just WAILING... can we say "PEE MY PANTS!?!?!?" We think he just got a drop of water in his nose or throat and it choked him and then he got scared and held his breath. Well we let him cry so that he would be breathing the whole time he was crying all the while we put a diaper on him. After the diaper i had to leave the room and Tony finished putting his PJs on him. needless to say, it bothered US much more than it bothered HIM! I didn't sleep a wink and yet this little booger slept for his normal 7 hours and then decided to get up and nurse all the while i'm EXHAUSTED from worry. WOW... things like this i didn't get a notice about that came with being a mom. *P.S. we did talk to the pediatrician and she said he was fine to just be aware of water on his face. Some babies are more prone to breath in when water rolls down their face than others* So on that note, GaGa is coming in from Mobile in a few hours and i'm sure i'll have lots of pictues to post next week!