Thursday, January 23, 2014

Introducing Tinky Tiny

So as most of you have already heard from one way or another, we are expecting a baby. This came to a surprise to us as we were not quite ready for baby number two. I (Rebecca) was fighting some health issues and was trying to get that resolved when the Lord decided it would be humorous to foil our plans and the doctors'! Well, here we are, 15 weeks pregnant with baby number two and we are finally over the shock of the whole matter. I am also finally over being immensely sick with morning sickness and have been put on medication to help with that! It has surely not been a walk in the park and one that I would not wish on my worst enemy! We have had a couple of scares of miscarriage and have ended up with three more ultrasounds than normal so we have lots of pictures of "Tinky Tiny" as Chip calls the baby. I am surely not airing all of this to have a story or even something to gripe about, but i'm surely asking you all to please continue to pray: Please continue to pray for the baby and the baby's health, I'm asking you to continue to pray for me and my health, and I'm asking you to pray that the Lord prepares our hearts and our selves to welcome another baby into our home, our life, and our adventure with the open arms of Jesus! We are honored to have you praying with us on this new chapter of our lives and to have you join the journey that is sure to be exciting!

Now, with no further ado, introducing Tinky Tiny to the world:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas here in Pennsylvania was absolutely wonderful! The holiday started early with making daddy's Christmas gift with diligence and effort, followed by a beautiful Chirstmas Eve candlelight service with our Faith Church family. We made Jesus' Birthday cake and decorated cookies and then turned in for the night. We slept until about 7:30 Christmas morning, and then awoke to a cute little boy jumping in our bed exclaiming "MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOM AND DAD!!!" His exclamation of Merry Christmas was not loaded, was not full of anticipation for presents, and was not in want of anything in return, but was true joy at the fact that we would get to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. We enjoyed a day in our jammies, a breakfast of champions (LOL) of Franks in a Blanket, Jesus' Birthday cake, and Christmas cookies. We opened gifts with our families over Skype and had a simple lunch of loaded baked potatoes and allowed ourselves to enjoy the holiday and each other! Enjoy the pictures and more to come, soon!!!