Friday, November 13, 2009

Birmingham update

So on Wednesday we had an appointment at Childrens Hospital in Birmingham @ the UAB clinic and saw a pediatric Immunologist/allergist. We got results that we weren't thrilled with but the results that we somewhat expected. There was a little difference in what we were told there vs. what we had anticipated but we now find ourselves with a game plan and lots of steps in the right direction for all of this and for all of us.

The results were: egg - DEFINITE 'true' allery; milk - DEFINITE 'true' allergy; peanuts - UNCERTAIN 'true' allergy; with everything else being considered 'irritants' such as corn, soy, rice, etc.

We have been given daily allergy medicine that is dye free and 'corn' free as well as have been told how and when to reintroduce things. eggs, milk, and peanuts will not be attempted for 2 years and BEFORE they are attempted, they will test in the office and if the tests come back negative, they will introduce IN OFFICE, not at home! (whew!!!) Corn, soy, etc. that are considered 'irritants' are to be attempted every 6 months and trying those at home are ok because of the non-histamine type reaction we get from those is not a life-threatening thing. We were all exhausted from the trip and are just glad to have some answers as well as a game plan. i hope that i explained it all well enough and will post pictures soon! i've got some really cute ones coming up!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

playing at Hoppie and Papa's

So yesterday we got to spend a BEAUTIFUL day outside at Hoppie and Papas house. We were blessed with great weather and we received TONS of things to laugh at that Chip discovered or did.

just to name a few:
1. heaved the wagon with ALL OF HIS MIGHT through the whole front yard!
2. DISPISED when he fell down in the grass. He would absolutely not put his hands down to stand up. If he was within arms distance of the concrete, that was fine, but any further away, not happening. He pure fitted for 10 minutes while i stood there and watched him! THEN, i made him touch the grass every time he fell to try and de-sensitize him to it but to no avail (YET!!!)
3. we played in the gravel at the end of the driveway and thought it was just the coolest thing! Dirt and rocks = a boys best friends!!!
4. we rode the rocking chair like a real life cowboy! Yee Haw!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

mario, Luigi, and princess

Halloween 2009:

Pumpkin patch and Halloween 2009

Oh yeah! i'm proud! i took these pictures ALL BY MYSELF!!!
pumpkin patch at 1st United Methodist here in dothan:

Check out my new 'recliner'! lol

Watch me get in this thing! Just like a big boy!!!