Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slip-n-Slide Sunday

So this past Sunday was really busy but it was one of those days where Chip really wanted to play and I figured laundry and dishes could wait! So what else do you do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon but pull out the Slip-n-Slide!?!? I (Rebecca) am totally incapable of slipping-n-sliding.... I am more the Jump-n-Flop kind of girl so I left the slip-n-slide to Tony and Fred. I was in charge of the camera! :-) enjoy!!!!!

Chip "sending" daddy down!

the "photographer" enjoying watching!!!

Daddy, long hair and loving it! :-)

Fred wouldn't slide on his tummy but he had sliding on the knees down pat!

Having to wash the dirt off..... good ol' Monk! :-)

Hope you enjoy your spring and summer days, too! xoxo - Rebecca

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

quiet, prayerful day

Today turned out to be one of the best days i have had in a really long time! This day turned out being a day of prayer for me in an uncertain time. There are decisions that we face on a daily basis: to brush our teeth or not, to go to work or not, to be lazy or productive, etc. and we usually choose the 'socially acceptable' or 'right' choice. However, there comes times when there are choices to be made that there isn't an obvious choice to just mindlessly choose. We have to pray, pray, pray, LISTEN, and pray some more. Today, i found myself in that situation where i literally had all day to pray about some decisions.

Also, i had all day today to be grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with. A beautiful family, fabulous extended family, and a handful of friends that are there no matter what, will pray for us, believes in us, and just loves us.... even when we are 'dirty'. Today has been, i guess i would say, nice and quiet. A peaceful quiet, one where you hear the whisperings of the Lord and know you have heard His voice. Where you feel the brush of an angel's wings on your face and know that you have experienced His presence. Where you hear the faint thump of His heart and know that He is reaching out and loving you. A nice day, to say the least!

I hope you find yourself in a quiet place soon and allow the presence of the Lord to rush over you like a mighty rushing wind and know that you, too, have experienced God!


Monday, March 5, 2012


So my sweet mom made a sassy comment this weekend about how i only blog about once every 4 months and i was a little offended! LOL i did know, though, that i had not blogged lately and thought i should to show her! :-)

Life is good, we have just been all under the weather. Chip had a cold/RSV and it turned to "everything but Pneumonia" last week. This past Friday, i woke up with the 'crud' aka spring in February and am just now shaking it. Church is going great. Tony is helping out lead worship at Covenant for the next few weeks in the New Traditions service and it is a BEAUTIFUL thing to watch him do. Work, school, and everything else is a little nutty so i will leave it at that. Pictures and videos to come soon!