Thursday, March 20, 2014

22 weeks and a life catch up

Well not much has happened on the baby front lately except a few HUGE things! ;) We have reached the halfway mark, had our 20 week ultrasound, Chip has been diagnosed with pneumonia, I had a computer tragedy........ oh and i think that's it. WHEW - what a few weeks.

I'll start with the fun ultrasound:
Tinky Tiny on February 28, 2014

   Per the ultrasound tech the baby weighed in at approximately 12 ounces and all is great. I will have to have one more ultrasound at around 30 weeks for a 'low lying' placenta (not previa, though). So we are just taking it as one more great chance to get to see Tinky Tiny before we meet face to face. Everything with the pregnancy has, FINALLY, smoothed out and seems to be going 'as normal' at this point. No more bleeding, no more scares, etc. and for that, we are SUPER grateful!!! I have felt lots of movement, and Tony has even been able to enjoy the occasional kick!

This is "not sick" and "not tired" around here!
Well, a couple of weeks ago, my laptop, which has all of our personal photos, videos, etc. along with all of my graphic design work on it took a tumble onto the floor in the fellowship hall at the church..... well... along came the grim reaper of computers!!! I was blessed enough, though, to have been able to at least take it somewhere where they were able to save 99% of my files, but the computer was pretty well toast. I got my computer back on a Tuesday, and all was fine until about 10:00 a.m. on the following Thursday when Chip spiked a 103 temperature. We took him to have him flu tested, which was negative and he didn't get off the couch all weekend and his fever wouldn't break nor did he eat, which is TOTALLY out of character, so back to the doctor we went Monday. And oh, but what do they say to us but that he had developed pneumonia! UGH..... so here we stand but we are all on the mend, my new computer is doing what it should be doing - working LOL - and we are keeping on keeping on.

Chip is doing marvelously in school, and just loves to learn! He is almost done with his math curriculum for the year, has done fabulously at his spelling and literature, as well as his reading is beyond impressive for a 5 year old. He had the opportunity to read to a class during Dr. Seuss week which he thought was super fun and big, and we are just plugging along. Soon we will begin the task of pulling out our baby stuff and going through it to get ready for Tinky Tiny and boy is Chip excited! But boy does he have no clue what he's in for! :)
I hope that this finds you all well. We are still loving PA and ready for some spring temperatures up here, but other than that, I think that is all of the news!