Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

SOOOOOO i have had such a wonderful couple of weeks but i am so glad to be back home! This past weekend mom and I made a quick, whirlwind trip to Chicago to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation's Children and Family Symposium. What an experience that was to say the least! We were able to meet some amazing kids, brave parents, and beautiful people all around! There were people that have known they had dystonia for 50 years and there were people that were just weeks into a diagnosis. What a beautiful experience to watch as people connected through something so bizarre and so devastating but it creates such a beautiful bond among people! I am so blessed to have been able to go and hear the most recent on research developments, medical advances and all kinds of other things. Thanks to DMRF for the opportunity that i received and the blessing i got from it! WOW..... it will go with me forever!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

California update

what a beautiful and learning experience we had in California! We went out to Saddleback Church (Rick Warren and John Baker) to a Celebrate Recovery conference. Celebrate Recovery is a Christian based 12-step ministry that Tony and I participate in through Covenant UMC in Dothan. Tony leads worship and I help out in the kitchen and we got the opportunity to go to this conference and what a blessing! We came back with immense amounts of knowledge that we are going to be able to implement in our ministry to continue to grow the Kingdom of Heaven through this ministry and also lots of great ideas to be able to reach out to all that are hurting. Pictures are coming soon but i'm actually leaving AGAIN tomorrow to go up to Chicago for a Dystonia Medical Research Foundation function. August has proven to be a busy, travel-filled month but what an experience! hope this finds you all well!

oh, PS, for those who want to know - Chip stayed in Mobile with GaGa and PaPaw and loved every minute of it. he got to have soy-butter and jelly every day for lunch, went swimming, to the movies, and ruled the roost (i'm sure) while he was there. He was in Hog Heaven! :-)

Love to you all!!!!! xoxo ~Rebecca

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


so a quick note to let you all know that Tony and I are actually in California. I am going to post next week with pictures, etc. Will 'talk' soon :-)

Monday, August 1, 2011


SO I said last week that this would probably be a picture update, which seems appropriate! Hope that you all enjoy them! I will be out of pocket for a possible couple of weeks due to travel so for now, enjoy the pictures :-) ~Rebecca