Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the best weekend yet!

Well, this post finds itself as a 'must' after our weekend. We had absolutely the best weekend, yet probably one of the most exhausting weekends, since we have lived in PA! We started this weekend off on Friday with the boys cutting the grass and then we all got out and did our standard errand running to the bank, the library, and recycling. After those errands were done, we went by Lowes to pick up a piece of pegboard for TinkyTiny's room, came back home and played outside and spent some much needed time together as the three of us watching movies and playing Legos.

Saturday morning started out by sleeping in to near 8:00, a little bit of breakfast and then we decided to venture out to do something new. We had never been on the riverwalk before and I had always wanted to do that and so we chose to take our bikes out and go for a family ride. What a beautiful day it was and what a great day for a bike ride. We rode the 2.75 miles down to where the walk crosses the river and decided to park on the grass and the boys decided to skip rocks and just hang out on the river for a while. Afterwards, we came home, grabbed some lunch, took a nap, and headed off to church. When church was over, we came home to Jambalaya in the crockpot and ate and crashed early - we were TIRED!

Sunday morning came around and like every Sunday morning, we got up and headed to church. We enjoyed our Sunday morning routine of church and Bible Club (for Chip) and then headed home to grab a small lunch. After lunch was over, we headed over to a friend's house and had a picnic of burgers, hot dogs, salad, and dessert. We coupled our meal with some friendly conversation and board game playing while Chip played soccer and sidewalk chalk with the big kids, while also coupled with a little board game playing himself! He partook in Yahtzee and Guess Who.

Monday came around and by now, our weekend had already been filled to the brim with fun but we decided to add to it by going fishing with some wonderful friends! Chip had gotten a fishing pole for Easter from Lee and so we went and tried it out. We went to two different places: the Montour Preserve and Trout Pond Park. At the Montour Preserve, the 'big lake' we didn't have such luck catching fish and so we moved to a walking trail where there was a small stream that went through the preserve and hit the motherload! We couldn't do anything ourselves for Chip snagging every little fish in the stream. He was THRILLED!!!!! after we had been at it for a few hours and had a picnic lunch, we headed out to Trout Pond Park where the fishing was a little more difficult but we did manage to come home with a couple of trout to eat. We were headed home from there when we got a phone call from some great friends that they were grilling burgers and did we want to head over. Well, we had no clue what we were going to do for dinner and so it sounded good to us, so off we went to one more stop for the weekend! We ate burgers, laughed about our weekends, had great conversation, and topped it off with Ice Cream for dessert and then came home, showered and crashed.

WHAT A BLAST!!! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and spent it with those you love. I also hope that you took a moment to be silent and to remember those who died so that we could have these kinds of amazing weekends! Blessings to you all!!!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

been a while

So it has been longer than i anticipated my next post to be but things around here have just become hectic! We have made a great trip to Washington, DC, in this time and my pregnant belly continues to grow. We are trying to get as prepared for TInky Tiny's arrival as we can and that just can be overwhelming and exhausting all while homeschooling Chip, working, doing the 'regular' house things (laundry, dishes, dinner, etc) and with the Easter season having been in the middle demanding quite a bit of time from Tony. But as of now, it seems as though we might see the end of the road.

Washington DC was such a blast but gosh was it pretty exhausting. My body reminded me that i was 7 months pregnant at that time, and i didn't hear it until it was all over, but my body made sure i heard it! What a great time we had speaking to all the staffers and a couple of representatives and since following up with them all. We also thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with all the people of DMRF and DAN, visiting old friends and meeting new friends! Chip loved seeing all the things in his "Spy Book" we made in homeschool to take with us and we topped it off when we got home by writing a letter to the President asking why he couldn't just knock on the front door - how funny is that!?!? Great time and what an impact, i'm hoping we made!

It is super hard to believe that I am 29 weeks pregnant! Things have continued to go along the path that this pregnancy seems to have taken and what they say is true - ALL PREGNANCIES ARE DIFFERENT! This one has not been as nice or kind of a walk in the park as my pregnancy with Chip, but gosh am I reminded that it could be so much worse! I am super excited to see Tinks one more time on this coming Friday as they check a few things one more time and then i start my appointments every 2 weeks..... so hard to believe. Soon we will be really hitting the baby room hard - painting, finishing furniture, decorating etc. and then...... reality will set in i'm sure!

Chip is a few games into his spring soccer season and nothing makes him happier than to be on a soccer field! We sure do love watching him play and watching him grow and get better at something as health and great as soccer. He is a scrappy little player with lots to learn but boy has he come a long way! Tony is the coach of his team this season, which has been an adjustment, but has been fun for the two of them to do together. He intends on keeping up with it next year and we intend on letting him. He is also thrilled to be doing a co-op program next year with a large homeschool group here in the area which will find him taking classes that i cannot teach myself - music, art, PE, and he will also be taking a science and lit class. Boy is he THRILLED about the music class and the rest is just icing on the cake for him. We will be done with school in just about 6 weeks and it is hard to believe that he will be a 1st grader next year........ wow.

Well, I hope that this all finds you well and enjoy the few photos i've put in here :) Blessings to you all and I will write sooner, next time, i promise!