Monday, February 8, 2010

WHO DAT!?!?!?!?!?

So we watched the Super Bowl last night with mom and dad over and chip partook of the food with us! He ate ribs like they were gonig out of style and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!! Watching him gnaw on a rib was great and even later he and I were playing and as he smiled i saw that he had some stuck in his teeth! We had to go fishing that out! LOL. It was tons of fun and by the way, GOOOOOOOOOO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

updated pictures

So i haven't posted pictures in a while and decided that while Chip is eating breakfast that i'd post some of my favorites from lately.
Playing with Mommy's snuggie:

Check out the belly button, i drew a picture on it!!! lol:
Nothing better than playing in a big ol' box!:

"HI DAD!!!!"

YUMMY!!! Jelly on a biscuit (and me, and my jammies, and my hair....)

WOW My first Oreo (Chip friendly, of course!!!)

You know, if you lick the apple butter first, then eat the toast, it's better that way:

Monday, February 1, 2010

wow at thigns to catch up on

Oh my goodness, when life seems slow, and you say "lord, i sure wish that my life had some activity" HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where to begin:
i guess i could begin with the infamous 'cheerio story' that has been the center of frustration for the mom of this house! LOOOONG story short, Chip was hacked at me during a prayer service at church (the only reason i had him in there with me was because i was wanting us to pray over him for his allergies) because he had outdone beyond what i expected of him and he was getting restless. i chose (UN-wisely) to let him hold his cup of 'chip friendly cheerios' and then he decided he wanted to walk up and down the pew with the cup. well of course, he could fall so i leaned over and whispered 'no' to him and he went: ughhhhhhhhhhhhh as loud as he could and then, yes, are you prepared!?!?, THREW the cup cheerios!!!!! Oh yeah, that's right, chunked them as hard as he could. i decided right then and there he was a LUCKY LITTLE GUY that we were in a prayer service, otherwise someone would be praying to raise him from the dead! I WAS READY TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! so as i drag him out of the sanctuary, now our ughhhhhhh had turned into a full blown fit, he went 'boneless' as we call it and so i was, literally, carrying him upside down by his ankles out of the sanctuary, scattering cheerios everywehre as they are falling out of his sweatshirt. well after the service was over and i had, in fact, prayed for him and us as a family (that is some GOD that i could pray at that moment! LOL) i asked one of the staff members for a broom to sweep up all the cheerios. oh yeah, let me just tell you on a hard, stone colored floor, a) cheerios blend in and b) they scatter EVERYWHERE!!! they were at the front of the sanctuary and we were sitting on the back pew!!! needless to say, everyone BUT myself found it amusing and made tons of jokes about college pitching scholarships and everything but i was soooooooooooooooo mad and embarassed!!!

so after that, things around here have been comparitively quiet. We did try to introduce rice to no avail. it left us very broken out and sick for a few days and we have found tons of fun new foods for him to eat. the latest favorite: chip friendly oreos!!!

i hope that this has caught you up to now and given you a laugh. hopefully no more stories of that nature for a while or someone will be calling DHR on me for sure for "beatin' my youngin'" as my mother would say! :-) love to you all