Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chose to pick the dandelions!

We find ourselves in a place where we are shockingly blessed by the little things in life.

We appreciate those moments that we know are fleeting and that we realize are once in a lifetime happenings.

The joy and laughter that comes from those moments is music to our ears..... if that is what music is to my ears, I wonder how much more beautiful those moments are to our God!

What a thrill and joy I get when Chip is able to partake of something new for the first time, like apple pie...

or a sucker!

And I get so tickled at his excitement of singing silly songs with goofy hand motions in the car on the way to work!

These are but fleeting moments in our lives. Those moments when the dishes are piled up in the sink, the laundry is overflowing and needing to be done, and i have a million other things to do, that I chose to take advantage of the hidden opportunity to watch a Thomas Movie in my bed with chocolate morsels as a snack and LOVE every minute of it and not worry about anything that needs to be done.

Take those moments! Savor them! They are fleeting and rare!

Play until you can't play any more! Run until your legs are jello! Sing silly songs, make silly faces, pretend you are a kissing monster and steal all the kisses you can!

The time on this earth is fleeting, and our window of opportunity to be influential parents is small. Take it and enjoy the ride!

oh, and don't forget to stop and pick the weedy flowers in the yard! They are as beautiful as roses if you see them through the eyes of a child!

<>< Rebecca

Monday, February 6, 2012

fun to come

So i haven't posted in a couple of weeks, and this is due to an EXTREMELY huge influx of busy that has incorporated our lives in the last few weeks, but i am going to try and post some fun pics of us from the last few weeks/months tomorrow or so. stay tuned :-) Rebecca