Tuesday, December 22, 2009

all is well here in Dothan. Just anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa! Boy are we excited! We are staying home to see what all Santa brings and then spending the rest of the day @ Hoppie and Papa's house. New Years eve we are all (Hoppie, Papa, Tony, Becca, and Chip) going over to Jackson, MS to see Howard, Dana, and Laynie to spend a late Christmas with them. We are thrilled and will post some BEAUTIFUL family pics that we've recently had made soon! 'til then..........

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wow! I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I hope that this find you having settled in after Thanksgiving and doing all you can to stay sane through CHristmas. Let us not forget one thing. The reason for this season is not found in gifts, food, music, or anything else we associate with it! The reason for the season is the birth of Jesus Christ who came to this earth to die for our sins so that we may be seen as clean before the Lord! We so often get hung up in finding the 'perfect' gift when sometimes the perfect gift is a little extra time spent with that person or even a sweet word of encouragement when things are tough. I hope that you all remember that as i am trying to remind myself of that daily!

Chip and us are doing really well! We ran into some Dextrose the other day and have blown up but we're starting to deflate (FINALLY). We re-introduced Soy and i THINK/HOPE that it is going to be soemthing we can, in fact, have. We will have to wait and see but so far, so good with it. Other than that we are just hunkering down through this crazy weather and trying to really lean on the lord during tough times. The mortgage industry is a tough place to be right now...... but we're leaning on God through it!

Miss you all and wising you all the happiest holiday season! xoxo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

my new 'adventure'

So ive decided to actually make a blog for all of my announcements and cards that i've got and then to expand on it a little at a time and do this for a 'second job' type thing. The web address for my other blog is www.sweetimagery.blogspot.com. check it out and let me know if i can do anything for any of you! Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, holiday cards, baby announcements, etc. I'd love to do it and i'm really excited about what this could be. It is one of my favorite things in the world to do so i hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy doing it! :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards

So ive decided to be creative and frugal this year and design and make Christmas cards for friends after a swift push from Tony and a few friends. If you would like to 'order' some, just let me know! of course, they are personalized and you can change the colors, sayings, scriptures, etc. to what you want. I'm asking $1 a card and if you order more than #20, i'm only going to charge 75 cents. no tax and they come with envelopes. let me know what all of you think! I will edit them and email them to you with your changes so you can see them before you order. No suprises!
*to see them larger, double click and they will open in a new window*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birmingham update

So on Wednesday we had an appointment at Childrens Hospital in Birmingham @ the UAB clinic and saw a pediatric Immunologist/allergist. We got results that we weren't thrilled with but the results that we somewhat expected. There was a little difference in what we were told there vs. what we had anticipated but we now find ourselves with a game plan and lots of steps in the right direction for all of this and for all of us.

The results were: egg - DEFINITE 'true' allery; milk - DEFINITE 'true' allergy; peanuts - UNCERTAIN 'true' allergy; with everything else being considered 'irritants' such as corn, soy, rice, etc.

We have been given daily allergy medicine that is dye free and 'corn' free as well as have been told how and when to reintroduce things. eggs, milk, and peanuts will not be attempted for 2 years and BEFORE they are attempted, they will test in the office and if the tests come back negative, they will introduce IN OFFICE, not at home! (whew!!!) Corn, soy, etc. that are considered 'irritants' are to be attempted every 6 months and trying those at home are ok because of the non-histamine type reaction we get from those is not a life-threatening thing. We were all exhausted from the trip and are just glad to have some answers as well as a game plan. i hope that i explained it all well enough and will post pictures soon! i've got some really cute ones coming up!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

playing at Hoppie and Papa's

So yesterday we got to spend a BEAUTIFUL day outside at Hoppie and Papas house. We were blessed with great weather and we received TONS of things to laugh at that Chip discovered or did.

just to name a few:
1. heaved the wagon with ALL OF HIS MIGHT through the whole front yard!
2. DISPISED when he fell down in the grass. He would absolutely not put his hands down to stand up. If he was within arms distance of the concrete, that was fine, but any further away, not happening. He pure fitted for 10 minutes while i stood there and watched him! THEN, i made him touch the grass every time he fell to try and de-sensitize him to it but to no avail (YET!!!)
3. we played in the gravel at the end of the driveway and thought it was just the coolest thing! Dirt and rocks = a boys best friends!!!
4. we rode the rocking chair like a real life cowboy! Yee Haw!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

mario, Luigi, and princess

Halloween 2009:

Pumpkin patch and Halloween 2009

Oh yeah! i'm proud! i took these pictures ALL BY MYSELF!!!
pumpkin patch at 1st United Methodist here in dothan:

Check out my new 'recliner'! lol

Watch me get in this thing! Just like a big boy!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

newest allergy update

On Wednesday, as i said, we went BACK to the pediatricians office to touch base and see what the next step was for us in this whole process of finding out answers. We were referred to a pediatric allergist/immunologist in Birmingham and will be going on Wed, Nov 11 at 2:30 p.m. We are really thrilled with the idea of getting an answer and finding out hoepfully a certain diagnosis. Until then, we will be dressing up this evening in our halloween outfits, and having a good, safe time! Will post again soon with pics from tonight!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

allergy update

So i have had lots of people wanting to know how the allergy follow-up went and i really have been avoiding it but i need to post because you all do care and love Chip as we do and want to know.

Monday, we went back to the allergist to get the results of our allergy testing by blood that we had drawn 3 weeks ago and the results shocked everyone including the doctor and nurse practicioner. We were fully planning on having results coming back that he would be allergic to quite a few items of food and trickling down into reactions to some environmental items. However, the test results actually came back startlingly different. the ONLY thing it showed him allergic to (in the IgE test which is a histamine reaction test) was egg. Mind you the egg is a true deadly allergy. his control 'normal' reaction number was 71 and his reaction to the egg was 6,993 so this is CERTAINLY something to be cautiously andd respectfully fearful of in his system.

the confusing thing and the thing that the doctor and np could not explain was that his histamine reaction to the other things that we KNOW FOR SURE create a terrible skin reaction came back normal. this being the case, we have an appointment at 1:15 today with our pediatrician to re-evaluate our position on all of this and begin running more tests to determine what, in fact, is creating this reaction to certain things.

ALSO, all of this to say, we are at 16 monts and have 0 words. we will be pursuing a speech therapist for some early intervention therapy to try and get his speech kick started. is it related to this other stuff we've got going on? possibly, but we hope for answers this afternoon or at least a step in a right direction.

FINALLY Laynies 1st Bday pics