Tuesday, February 18, 2014

fear vs truth

So this pregnancy has been one that has been less than text-book perfect and one full of scares, uncertainties, unexpected change of events and many other not-so-perfect moments and times. Well, this has found itself resounding in a fear deep down of things that I couldn't have ever imagined even being a part of my thinking. I have found myself having to daily pray to keep my thoughts straight and to literally take every thought captive as unto the Lord so as not to become completely crippled by these fears. I find myself grateful for every tiny bump that i feel within because i find comfort in the fact that this is a new life. I also find comfort in the fact that I am being blessed with the opportunity to bring a baby into this world to raise up to combat the evil forces of the enemy and to share the love of Jesus to the world. We are to raise our children so that they can be released into the world to make a difference and to share the gospel...... isn't that even our purpose here, as well? So i hold on to that comfort that this baby is not mine to choose the destiny of, this baby is not mine to choose the future of.... really, this baby is not mine at all, but a child of God put into my hands to raise up how He desires for me to.

thoughts to ponder and promises to hold onto every day are those of God.

Blessings this day!